Daytrip Biesbosch

A day trip along and through the Biesbosch is 6.5 hours of rest and beautiful views. Large reed beds, many waterfowl and meadows full of sheep. An amazing nature reserve where there is also a lot of pleasure boating in good weather.Who wouldn’t want that?

Route of the day trip to the Biesbosch National Park

Cast off! We sail past Wijk en Aalburg, Veen, Aalst and Aadel. We then go through the lock and come out on the Merwede by Woudrichem. This is the busiest river in the Netherlands. We go past Gorinchem and sail towards Werkendam. A small lock in Werkendam gives us access to the Biesbosch. We go through the Biesbosch on the Steurgat waterway, which is when you should be enjoying the amazing Biesbosch. When we sail out of the Biesbosch, we head straight for the Amercentrale, a coal-fired power plant. Following the Amer for a short while, we return to the Bergse Maas, go past Waalwijk and then go back to Heusden. 

A typical day with Wiljo

You are welcome aboard at 9:30! We depart at 10:00 while enjoying a delicious piece of cake and a cup of coffee or tea. After a morning of beautiful scenery, you have no doubt worked up an appetite: we serve our extensive lunch buffet at 12:30. After lunch, take the time to digest your food and ride the waves. Drinks start at 15:00! Naturally, drinks are served with unlimited nuts and salty snacks, as well as coffee, tea, beer, wine and soft drinks. We return to the harbour in Heusden at 16:30, ending this wonderful day on the water.